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The Basic Rigby Dental Treatment at Cedar Creek Dental

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Rigby DentalAre you a fan of tooth decay? Do you enjoy being exposed to high amounts of radiation during x-rays? Well we’ve got news for you! Regularly seeing your dentist has been shown to have a significant reduction in tooth decay, and we can diagnose Rigby dental problems with 90% less radiation exposure than traditional methods! We are dedicated to making sure that you are as comfortable as possible here at Cedar Creek Dental. To make sure of this we have even added spa-like amenities which are included in your exam. We make coming to the dentist a pleasurable experience.

Still not convinced? Maybe you had a bad experience as a kid and now you’re worried about the dangerous activities that take place in our Rigby dentist’s office? Relax. We’ll take great care of you. We just want to help your teeth look and feel their best. Patients who receive a standard check-up every six months have the best chances of avoiding root canal, periodontal disease, or worse. They also help you have a cleaner, whiter smile.

Step One

So what is it we’ll do? Here at Cedar Creek Dental we have a great system worked out. First we do some simple x-rays. These allow us to find any issues their might be. We can assess the health of your teeth and get a good idea of the condition of your root alignment. These x-rays can also help us find more serious problems like cysts or tumors.

Step Two

After assessing the health of your teeth, we give you a proper cleaning. To get the most benefit from professional Rigby dental cleanings, it’s important that you keep regular daily brushing habits afterward. 

Rigby DentalOur cleaning will help you keep the invisible film of acid and bacteria known as plaque at bay. This bacteria lingers on your teeth and can inflame your gums, causing gingivitis. Professional Rigby dental cleanings will give you the absolute best treatment you could ask for and stop this at the “root” of the problem.

And that just about does it folks! How was it? Not so bad or scary right? What’s scary is not coming in to Cedar Creek Dental to get your teeth checked and cleaned regularly. We just want to help keep you at your best! After the x-rays you’ll take a survey and we’ll begin discussing any additional action that may need to be pursued. Dr. Mikesell is always available and happy to go over the risks and rewards of all your options. The idea is for you to work together to decide how to help you get your best smile possible.

Have any further questions or concerns? Whether you’d like to set up your first appointment or just learn more about what we do, please give us a call at 208-754-8788. We love creating beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.

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