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Some quick facts you should know:

  • Your chances of tooth decay are reduced significantly by visiting the dentist twice a year.
  • Modern digital x-rays can achieve the same (or better) results with 90% lower radiation exposure.
  • Every time you come into our office for an appointment, you will be treated to our spa-like amenities to help you relax and enjoy your time with us.

Rigby Dental Exams

Rigby DentalAt Cedar Creek Dental, we know what to look for in terms of dental decay. The process of dental decay starts off as plaque begins eating away at the outer-lining of the tooth (the enamel). Fortunately, this enamel can be replenished naturally with a combination of dental cleanings, improved dental hygiene, and improved diet.

Early stages of dental decay appear as dark spots on the tooth which many mistake for cavities, when in fact these are simply areas being worn away in the enamel (a cavity doesn’t form until plaque eats away at the dentin – the hard, bony layer of the tooth). These can sometimes appear as white spots, which is why many people miss them. It takes an experienced dentist to identify this problem.

Sometimes people have cavities that don’t manifest any pain symptoms. At our Rigby dental clinic, we can identify cavities you might not have noticed, especially if they are in hard-to-see areas like the back of your mouth or in between teeth. It’s important to get these cavities filled before the plaque festers and works its way into the tooth pulp (the soft, fleshy center of the tooth that contains the tooth nerve). If that happens, you most definitely will notice it.

Other issues we can identify with our Rigby dental exams include:

  • Wisdom teeth that need to be removed.
  • Misaligned teeth that can cause problems for surrounding teeth.
  • Periodontal (gum) disease.

Rigby DentalIt’s important that we identify periodontal disease early on, as the beginning stage (gingivitis) often doesn’t cause pain and can be reversed. However, if it progresses into full-blown periodontitis, you may have the condition for life.

Gum disease happens due to plaque buildup at the gumline. The body responds to the bacteria in plaque by releasing a hormone that causes the gums to become inflamed. Over time, the gums can begin to recede, the teeth become loose, and advanced dental decay and tooth loss eventually occur.

At our Rigby dental clinic, we have ways of identifying and reversing gingivitis, as well as ways of treating periodontal disease.

Digital X-Rays

Rigby DentalOur digital x-rays are safer than traditional x-rays because they only require 10% of the radiation that x-rays of yesterday used. They also provide:

  • Faster images
  • Clearer images
  • Digital images that can be emailed

Teeth Cleaning

The teeth cleaning you will get at our Rigby dental clinic will not only clean out plaque from major areas of your teeth, but also from hard-to-reach areas where plaque is likely to fester. It’s a great treatment for both hygienic purposes as well as aesthetic ones – your teeth will look bright and healthy after your dental cleaning.

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