Wisdom Teeth Removal

Rigby Wisdom Teeth ExtractionsWisdom teeth are a third set of molars, which generally grow in in your late teens/early twenties. However, not everyone will grow them. It is generally a good idea to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age, as doing so later in life can lead to more complications.

At Cedar Creek Dental, our Rigby wisdom teeth extraction services are performed with skill and care, with your comfort and safety as our top priorities.

We recommend getting x-rays of your wisdom teeth in your mid-teens, as this will give us the ability to extract them before they affect your other teeth.

After we perform your Rigby wisdom teeth extractions, we recommend plenty of rest.

You will want to watch for bleeding, eat soft foods, and keep the surgical site clean.

At Cedar Creek Dental, our Rigby wisdom teeth extractions will help you avoid future complications, leading to greater long-term dental hygiene.

Rigby Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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