Everything Cedar Creek Dental Has to Offer

If you’re searching for a Rigby dental office, come see us at Cedar Creek Dental. Our staff wants to make your dental experience nothing short of perfect. 

Rigby DentalThe atmosphere when you step foot in our office can be explained as soft and relaxing. Our services don’t just have to do with your teeth; we also offer many spa amenities to help you relax. Although we do provide all of your dental needs, Dr. Mikesell aims to be the best in the business. He also speaks fluent Spanish. This is one reason people choose our Rigby dental office – we can communicate with more members of our community.

The moment you step foot into our office we make you feel welcome. All of us in the office make the environment calm, relaxing, and friendly. We all know the dentist is not the most enjoyable place to be. We also recognize that people have fears, for us to best do our jobs and help you stay calm we need to know what is most daunting to you. Once we know that we can help guide you through what we will do, we also have services to help you stay calm. 

Most people will say that the dentist gives them anxiety, our relaxing office will ease the stress of the dentist and our friendly staff will do the best that they can to help. Our Rigby Dental Office has many televisions to help you and your kids relax. Studies have shown that patients in a dentist’s office generally feel calmer in an office with televisions. T.V.’s help with taking your mind off of what is happening to your teeth and make a visit go by faster. Many online reviews praise our staff as being genuinely sweet and caring, quick and awesome, and people who make them feel like family. All of these things are what we strive to perfect. Don’t be afraid to stop by and see how the atmosphere in our Rigby Dental Office differs from the rest. 

Cedar Creek Dental is very special in that our office offers spa related treatments. These treatments aim to reduce or totally eliminate anxiety. Also, all of these amenities are free! Our spa treatments include: 

  • Warm Hand-Wax
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warming Blankets
  • Chair Massage

Rigby DentalWarm Hand-Wax is offered at our dental office in Rigby. It is a treatment where we take your hands and put them in warm wax. The wax will soothe the skin while making it softer, fully surrounding the hand and trapping moisture in. Another benefit is that it soothes arthritis and sore hands. The wax is very therapeutic and can take your mind off of your dental procedure and on the relaxing properties of the wax. 

At Cedar Creek Dental we also offer aromatherapy – the art of using specific scents to cater to mental well being. More often than not the dentist’s office has a specific smell and sound, aromatherapy will help with the smell and our many T.V.’s help with the sound. Aromatherapy has been proven to help soothe anxiety, we all know the dentist’s office is known to induce anxiety. 

Our dental office in Rigby also offers warming blankets. Think of the dentist as a cold winter day, you don’t want it to happen but it has to at some point. We all know the comfort of a warm blanket on a cold winter day, a nice warming blanket could turn the cold dreary dental procedure into a comfortable trip. 

Lastly, we offer chair massages. Just like the heating blanket, who doesn’t appreciate a nice massage? Here at Cedar Creek Dental, we strive to make your visit as comfortable as can be.

Rigby DentalDespite our spa services that are unique for the Rigby dental office scene, our expertise lies in our dental practices. Our specialties are: 

Dental exams are best done every 6 months. They help with reducing tooth related infections. Our X-Rays are also done in a state of the art way to limit radiation exposure. 

Dr. Quinn Mikesell is proficient in the use of CEREC, a tooth restoration process that uses a 3-D scan to provide a perfect tooth, which is then baked to harden and mimic the teeth already in your smile. This ceramic crown is unique in a way that you can come into our office needing a new tooth or part of a tooth, and be out with it on the same day. 

Our Rigby dental office also has expertise in dental implants. We have perfected the procedure to make it easier on you. Implants are best because it is basically putting a brand new tooth in, replacing your old tooth. We only use the best products, because we want your smile as best it can be. 

We also offer root canal therapy. A minor cavity can quickly turn into harsh root pain. Our therapy can help you get back to eating and drinking hot and cold beverages in no time. 

Here at Cedar Creek Dental we also offer Porcelain Veneers and Bridges. Veneers are a very common fix, they are usually used when a tooth has a stain, chip, or is misaligned. A “bridge” is a replacement tooth that actually requires 3 teeth, the end teeth have a tooth cap, while the middle tooth is especially a bridge between the 2. 

White fillings are a healthier alternative to amalgam fillings – they also look and feel just like natural teeth! Now you no longer have the embarrassment associated with cavities. 

For people who have Periodontal Disease, our team is perfectly suited to perform your regular 3-month checkups. Lastly, your local Rigby Dental Office offers Wisdom Teeth removal. Wisdom Teeth are a part of growing up, it is best to remove them as soon as you see signs of them, here at Cedar Creek Dental we offer the best in the business of Wisdom Teeth extractions. We hope that if you see any symptoms of what was shown you come see us. 

Rigby DentalOur team at Cedar Creek Dental strives to be the best and most personable dental office in Rigby. Our very own Dr. Mikesell graduated from The University of Louisville School of Dentistry, and has over 10 years of dentist experience. Another selling point in Idaho is language diversity, luckily for us Dr. Mikesell speaks fluent Spanish

Cedar Creek Dental is the best option for your Rigby dental needs. We always push ourselves to provide our community with not just their dental needs, but their well being. Our spa treatments have helped many patients ease their anxiety, our process to give you a better smile is top-ranking, and our atmosphere is quite unique. Come on into Cedar Creek Dental today!

Cedar Creek Dental Staff - Rigby Dentist