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At our Rigby Dental clinic, we advise our clients regarding the following, most frequently asked questions.

Will A Dental Abscess Go Away?

Rigby DentalA tooth abscess is a very serious root and gum infection. Once the infection begins, it rapidly spreads and becomes more dangerous, destroying everything in its path and creating excruciating pain. It will not go away and requires severe medical attention. If an abscess occurs, the pain increases exponentially, and you will need immediate dental treatment. If an abscess doesn’t drain, the infection could spread throughout your face and neck area. To prevent a tooth abscess, you must take exceptional care of your teeth. Brush regularly, at least twice a day, and replace your toothbrush every three to four months. At our Rigby Dental Office, we schedule two visits a year for maintenance cleaning to reduce tooth decay. Your teeth require regular maintenance. Patients who have checkups every 6 months avoid cavity, root canals, and other diseases that may occur. With regular check-ups, you can expect digital x-rays and teeth cleanings to ward off the initiation of an abscess.

Will Dental Implants Last Forever?

Several studies indicate that dental implants last about 20 years. Dental crowns often last between 10 to 15 years before they have to be replaced. There are several factors that cause tooth implant decline over time. One factor is gum disease. Gum disease attacks implants with infection. There are advantages and disadvantages to dental implants. Advantages include comfort and functionality; they last a lifetime and preserve the structure of the face and jawbone. The primary disadvantage is the price; they can be costly. Cedar Creek Dental, your dental implant procedure is a valued experience at a reasonable competitive cost. Our implants are natural-looking, personally compatible, and the two-part procedure is timely.

Will Dental Implants lift my face?

Cosmetic surgery tends to tighten facial tissue. Jawbone shrinkage causes more wrinkles and sagging. Dental implants help resolve and eliminate these negative effects. With bone grafting, if you don’t have enough jawbone density to support facial muscles, through grafting the jawbone can be built up. Dental implants stimulate jawbone growth. Without dental implants, the jawbone continues to shrink, and this increases the need for surgical treatment in the future.

Will dental insurance cover crowns?

Rigby DentalTypically, dental insurance covers crowns, particularly if a person has annual maintenance cleanings, x-rays, and fillings. Of course, it depends on the plan and level of benefits selected. It would be advantageous to review the dental policy with your insurance provider. The cost of crowns varies depending on the dentist and his cost of obtaining or creating the crown. A dental crown ranges from $600 to $1,500. Consult your dentist for an estimate before committing to the procedure. Our Rigby dental clinic creates a customized crown in a couple of hours, focusing on Cerec same-day technology.

Will dental cleaning whiten teeth?

Customarily patients receive teeth cleanings every six months as a formal maintenance exercise from a dental hygienist who is professionally trained to administer that special procedure. This may or may not include a teeth-whitening component. By and large, teeth cleanings will whiten teeth. There are several ways to whiten teeth but the use of Prophylaxis the most common and accepted method. Teeth whitening has become very popular in recent years.

At our Rigby Dental office, we create perfect smiles that last a lifetime. Our welcoming staff is forever prepared to administer any dental procedure that might arise. In Southeast Idaho, you don’t have to travel far to receive our top-quality benefits. Our office is located conveniently just off Highway 20 on your way to Rigby Lake and is within quick driving distance from Rexburg, Thornton, Ucon, and Idaho Falls.

Feel free to check out our Cedar Creek Dentist blog . This blog provides tips on how you can keep and maintain a healthy smile. The Rigby Dental Office blog also includes customer testimonials.

Our goal is to offer the very best dental procedures available to ensure your personal needs are met. With Rigby Dental treatments, your satisfaction is guarantee healthier and brighter teeth. Visit our Rigby Dental office, a picture-perfect setting for a picture-perfect transformation of your oral hygiene, appearance, and that one-of-a-kind personality smile. The very best dental office in Rigby is prepared to serve you every dental need. Let us send you on a smiling journey.

Rigby Dental

Rigby DentalOur Rigby Dental office cannot wait to assist you in achieving your very best look, including that “all inspiring” smile. Our main goal is to become the premier dental office of Rigby Idaho. Our trusted business is child- and adult-friendly. Kids enjoy a cozy play area located adjacent to the waiting room. The adults receive spa-amenities, including warm hand waxes, chair massage, aromatherapy, and heated blankets to name a few.

We are deliberate about our open process, comfort philosophy, and use of the very latest innovative technologies. Extending an open mind with an open discussion, in a safe relaxing environment, with state-of-the-art equipment to protect the all-important investment of you and your presence.

Cedar Creek Dental founder, Dr. Mikesell began his practice after graduating from The University of Louisville School of Dentistry and utilizes the latest in all forms of dental equipment and technology. Dental procedures such as those found at Glidewell Laboratories Clinical Videos, Shutterstock, and Very Well Health briefly define the intricate and complex procedures used at Rigby Dental. These treatments explain the types of advanced services expected from Dr. Mikesell.

Further educational clips can be viewed at Dental Patient Education Videos On-Demand for your edification regarding the exceptionalism at Rigby Dental.

At Rigby Dental office we provide the utmost care in professional dentistry. Your appearance means everything to us. Feel free to discuss your person image concerns so we can address them in detail.  Open communication is key for attaining that perfect smile that defines your one-of-a-kind personality.

Rigby Dental Services

Rigby DentalOur Rigby dental office provides the following array of services for creating that beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Exams and Cleanings

  •         Digital
  •         Teeth Cleaning

Cerec Same-Day Crowns

  •         Part of treatment plans, such as: Dental Implants, Dental Bridge Anchoring, Root Canal Therapy or single tooth restoration and strengthening.

Dental Implants

  •         Dependable
  •         Aesthetics
  •         Tooth Saving
  •         Confidence

White Fillings

  •         Resin-Based
  •         Longevity
  •         Safe

Porcelain Veneers and Bridges

  •         Life-Like Cosmetics
  •         Strong
  •         Stain Resistant

Wisdom teeth Extractions

  •         Quick, painless
  •         Post-Operative Care

Root Canal Therapy

  •         Safe
  •         Clean
  •         Protective

Digital X-Rays

  •         Minimum Radiation Exposure
  •         Comfortable Setting
  •         Thorough Exam

Intraoral Photography

  •         Professional Diagnostics

Conscious Sedation

  •         Painless Procedures

Periodontal Disease

  •         Healthy Gum Restoration and Maintenance

If you require any of these services, contact us at our Rigby dental clinic for a confidential consultation to determine desired needs. Contact us by phone, or through our website. Attendants are available to help with questions or concerns you might have.