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¡Contáctenos hoy para un dentista que habla español en Rigby!

If Spanish is your first language, or if you have a friend of a neighbor who needs a Spanish speaking care provider, our dentist at Cedar Creek Dental in Rigby speaks fluent Spanish and can effectively communicate with you or your Spanish speaking friends and family about dental concerns and needs. Many people who are not fluent in English simply need to hear the information from a Spanish speaking dentist so they can have peace of mind before their procedure.

Benefits Of A Spanish Speaking Dentist In Your Rigby Community

Speaking Dentist In RigbyIn Idaho, we have a significant population of Spanish speaking households, close to 10% for the state.  A good portion of them reside in southeastern Idaho.  You may be a part of that Spanish speaking community or perhaps you have friends, family, and co-workers whose first language is Spanish.  Even with a grasp of English, there may be times when it is easier, or more comfortable to speak Spanish.

Often due to the technical nature of healthcare, someone who may be conversational in English may not understand all of the medical terminology in a dentist’s office, and having a Spanish speaker present would really be helpful.  Interpreters aren’t always available for appointments or emergencies. That is why having a dentist in Rigby who speaks Spanish is so valuable. Patients whose first language is Spanish can communicate with Dr. Quinn Mikesell easily about their dental concerns and needs clearly and without the need for an interpreter.  This is a benefit to the community of Rigby, where residents of both English and Spanish speaking households have access to dental care that is high quality and easily understood. If you are a Spanish speaking member of the community or know friends or family who are in need of a dentist in Rigby who speaks Spanish, rest assured that Cedar Creek Dental will meet your needs!

Dental Services Available At Our Office In Rigby With Spanish Speaking Dentist

We offer a variety of dental treatments, from the basic exams and cleanings to implants and same day crowns.  Here are some of our specialties available.

  • Speaking Dentist In RigbyExams, Cleanings, X-Rays – This is the foundation of great dental care.  Dental exams and cleanings should take place twice a year to keep your teeth clean, to keep dental problems at bay, and to monitor any small problems that may become bigger problems.  Having a Spanish speaking dentist in Rigby to address issues discovered during routine exams is invaluable for Spanish speaking patients for a complete understanding of exam and x-ray results.  
  • White Fillings – If a patient needs a filling, our Rigby Spanish speaking dentist is pleased to offer white resin-based fillings.  These contain no heavy metals and blend well with the existing teeth. Explanation of the materials used in the fillings and the process that takes place to fill a cavity with this material is going to be much easier to understand in a patient’s native language.
  • Root Canal Therapy – If a tooth is broken or has deep decay, infection can set in and create abscesses and severe pain.  A root canal is a process by which the tooth is saved from extraction by removing the nerve and pulp from inside the tooth, filling the tooth with a filler that seals the inside of the tooth from further decay, and then a white filling to seal it up.  It is a process with more than a few steps and requires a more lengthy visit than a cavity filling would. It is important for a patient to know what the steps to a root canal are, and to understand why they are necessary. It also helps to ease anxiety during the treatment if a patient knows what is going to happen ahead of time.  This is why having a dentist in Rigby who speaks Spanish is so significant. Patients who are native Spanish speakers can be completely informed of the process and be able to 100% understand it before and during the procedure. That can bring a lot of peace of mind to the appointment. That is what we strive for, patients who are happy to have their dental needs cared for without stress!
  • Periodontal Disease Treatment – We can treat periodontal disease from it’s mildest form, gingivitis, to more advanced cases.  People with periodontal disease need extra care from more vigilant monitoring to more frequent exams and cleanings.  Because periodontal disease can cause other problems such as gum recession and bone loss, it is important for patients to understand what causes periodontal disease and what can help prevent it.  Things that a person might immediately think of that can contribute to periodontal disease include tobacco use, hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, diabetes, and immune system suppression conditions.  It’s a lot of information for patients to understand. For our patients that speak Spanish, our dentist in Rigby speaks fluent Spanish, so no information will be lost in translation.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Some people will have to have their wisdom teeth removed.  Wisdom teeth are simply a 3rd set of molars. Often there is no room in people’s mouths for these teeth to grow into the jaw without becoming impacted or infected.  So some patients will opt to have them removed before they cause problems. Our dental office can perform these extractions and follow up with aftercare instructions.  It is important that our patients understand why the wisdom teeth should be removed as well as thoroughly understanding aftercare instructions so that healing is optimal.  We want all of our patients to be clear on the procedure, and our dentist here in Rigby speaks Spanish fluently. This is important so all of our patients English and Spanish speaking can get the best care available.
  • Speaking Dentist In RigbyDental Implants – Our office can perform dental implants!  Dental implants can be a realistic looking way to replace teeth that have fallen out or have been removed.  An artificial tooth root made of titanium is implanted into the jawbone and after it anchors into the jaw a porcelain crown is attached to it that looks just like your existing teeth.  This is a great procedure with results that will improve your smile. There are several important things to consider when deciding to have a tooth implant so our patients need to be informed about the procedure.  Our Spanish speaking dentist in our Rigby office ensures that our Spanish speaking patients, as well as our English speaking patients, all understand the benefits of dental implants.

In addition to these procedures, our office also offers aesthetically pleasing treatments such as:

All of these can help to make your smile more beautiful and radiant.  It is important to our office that all of our patients know what specialties we have and what our procedures can mean to their dental health.  Our Spanish speaking dentist in Rigby will be happy to explain the procedures to all of our patients, both English and Spanish speaking so that everyone understands the benefits of the services we provide!

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