How Dentistry Has Evolved Over The Years

Dentistry has progressed dramatically over the years since its inception. Many moons ago dental work was accomplished by using sharpened rocks and filling material consisting of honey and grounded barley. Thank goodness that is not our practice today. At our Rigby dental clinic we practice effective pain management and sedation, CEREC Same-Day Crowns, Extractions and dental implants, root canal therapy, digital x-ray technology, white fillings, and the occasional yearly checkups.

Rigby DentalIt can be difficult for people to go to their exams and cleanings. We know that teeth are extremely sensitive to temperature and textured substances. A majority of people have some level of anxiety when it comes to clinicians rooting around and poking at their teeth. At Cedar Creek Dental we provide a comfortable environment so that you can get to a state of relaxation and you won’t have to worry about pain. We offer things to help you get through the worst procedures. At our Rigby dental clinic we create flawless crowns in a single visit using 3D imaging software and a milling machine that helps form dental crowns. This technology will help create the new crown for customizing your teeth. 

We work on extractions and dental implants, root canal therapy, white fillings using state-of-the-art digital X-Ray technology. Our x-rays have major advantages. The x-rays that we have required 90% less radiation compared to normal machines. They also provide several benefits such as: 

  • Safer for you and our staff
  • Images can be emailed
  • Easier on the gums, more comfort with the rounded corners
  • Faster results (as little as 5 seconds) 

For extractions and dental implants at our Rigby dental clinic, we incorporate cleaner, painless, and safer dental extractions. This is of great benefit for people who require wisdom teeth extractions. Wisdom teeth should be taken care of sooner rather than later. The longer they are allowed to grow, the more damage they can cause to surrounding teeth alignment. The whole procedure is also easier and less complicated. We also provide high-quality dental implants that function, feel, and look just like natural teeth with perfectly matched coloring. 

For modern root canal therapy at Cedar Creek Dental we have safer, cleaner and effective treatment. Root canals are not a fun discussion point, however, at Cedar Creek Dental you will experience a simplified and painless root canal approach.

We provide high-quality dental implants. It is wise to make sure you replace other teeth and not your wisdom teeth.. 

Rigby DentalFor white fillings it is becoming common practice for dentists to turn away from metal fillings for the following reasons: 

  • They contain high amounts of mercury, a known toxic heavy metal.
  • They don’t look or feel like natural teeth, creating a “metal mouth” look.
  • They have no adhesive quality and have to be forced into place. This creates micro-fractures in the tooth.
  • They expand and contract due to temperature changes, creating further micro-fractures.

Instead, we use resin-based white fillings, which look just like natural tooth tissue. Given enough time, you probably won’t even know which tooth has been worked on.

What sets Cedar Creek Dental apart from other Rigby dental clinics 

Dr. Quinn Mikesell founded Cedar Creek Dental years ago directly out of dental school. He is a seasoned dentist who is well accomplished and educated at a respected University. His tenure is exemplary, and his customer base has increased year after year since he began his practice. Evolving from a small office in general practice, Dr. Mikesell has promoted into a variety of oral specialties that set him apart from most practitioners. His comprehensive offering is unique in that his diversity provides the community he services with a one-stop-shop. 

Over the years Dr. Mikesell has become a fixture in the community; living, serving, playing, and contributing to making life in his surroundings a better place everyone around him. He and his family are neighborly partners making up the fabric of all the hopes and dreams that perpetuate the lifeblood of the peaceful place known as Rigby. From children to aged adults, dental needs are as diverse as the number of people who reside in the area. Dr. Mikesell’s presence has been felt by the toddler whose first visit could have been a horror story to the grandest of parents who require a denture adjustment.

People are frequently apprehensive to go to the dentist for practical reasons alone, not to mention the language barrier that might get in their way in that geographic location. Imagine if you’re at the dentist and you couldn’t understand what your dentist was saying because your dentist was speaking a different language. At Cedar Creek Dental, Dr. Quinn Mikesell speaks fluent Spanish. You can express your needs, concerns, and questions with him confidently in a language that you feel comfortable with. For that reason alone, he is the ideal dentist to do business with. If you have friends or relatives who need a Spanish speaking dentist, look no further than our Rigby dental office. At Cedar Creek Dental you’ll receive the best care possible in a language you understand and prefer.  

Rigby DentalWe offer hospitality, the use of modern dental technology, professionalism, expertise, impeccable bedside manners, spa amenities, and compassionate billing practices, which has afforded Rigby with a clinic that is only surpassed by the integrity of those who operate it.

At Cedar Creek Dental we are aware that people get nervous when it comes to their teeth. To help calm your nerves during our procedures from routine cleaning to a root canal we offer you spa amenities at our Rigby dental clinic. This allows you to have a deep level of calm while the work is being performed on your teeth. These amenities include: 

  • Warm hand-wax 
  • Chair massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warming blankets

Being in the dentistry field for many years, we have learned that people need to be relaxed with any dental experience. At Cedar Creek Dental you are going to find how our spa amenities have a tremendous impact on your disposition and mental state when it comes to your dental work. The added gratis is a testimony that you have truly found the best dental office in Rigby.

If you need dental services, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment. We cannot wait to create a beautiful smile that will last you a lifetime. Cedar Creek Dental is looking forward to seeing you soon!

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