Dental Specialties

Specialty Services from Your Rigby Dentist

With education and experience in the field of dentistry dating back to 2005, Dr. Mikesell is the Rigby dentist you can rely on. No matter what stage of dental decay you are in, you can expect clean, safe, and effective treatment. Dental extractions and implants are also offered, as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Services for All Stages of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

If plaque is left on your teeth, the acid in it will begin eating away at the layers of your teeth. In early stages of dental decay (stages before a cavity has formed), mere dental cleanings and an improvement in dental hygiene is all that’s required.

Once a cavity has formed, we can provide white fillings. If a cavity has progressed to the point that the soft tissue inside the tooth has become infected, a root canal may be required.

If you have a tooth that has undergone extensive decay sitting next to a missing tooth, your Rigby dentist at Cedar Creek Dental can install a bridge, which makes use of both a dental implant and a crown. This arrangement provides more stability for both products.

Periodontal Disease

If plaque is left on the gumline, it can create a condition known as periodontal disease. This is essentially an inflammation of the gums, resulting in pain and easy bleeding. In later stages, the gums recede from the teeth, and tooth loss is likely to occur.

Your Rigby dentist can provide treatment for both early and later stages of periodontal disease.