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Same-Day Crowns

Conventional methods of placing crowns used to take days (sometimes even over a week) to complete.

Usually your dentist would examine your tooth, make you bite down on some nasty-tasting material to get a dental impression, clean away the decayed tooth material, and finally, fit you with a temporary crown while you waited for the final product to be made. After that, you’d go in for a final appointment.

Often these temporary crowns would fall off before the final product was ready, leading to a lot of discomfort and an unappealing nub where your tooth used to be.

Here’s how CEREC is different.

CEREC - Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic

At our Rigby dental clinic, we use computer-assisted design and computer-aided manufacturing to restore your tooth in a single visit.

This is a revolutionary design that offers more comfort, convenience, and an overall better form of dental restoration for our patients.

We can get everything done while you relax in the dental chair.

Here's What To Expect

1 - Examination

You come into our Rigby dental clinic and Dr. Mikesell will decide if your tooth is damaged or decayed to the point that it needs a crown. (In some cases, a simple filling will do just fine.)

If you do need a crown, he’ll get you comfortable and anesthetized. Then, he’ll get to work preparing your tooth by removing all of the damaged and decayed tissue.

2 - Optical Impression

Using a digital camera, we make a 3-dimensional image of the tooth that needs a crown. This 3D virtual model is then sent to the lab in our Rigby dental clinic and is used to create the restored version of your tooth - the dental crown.

3 - Milling Unit

Dr. Mikesell selects the colored ceramic block that is identical to the natural color of your tooth so nothing looks out-of-place when the final product is done.

From there, the milling machine does the work of creating the dental crown - one that looks, feels, and works just like a natural tooth.

4 - Placement

You’ll simply try on the new crown and make sure your bite feels normal. If everything feels and looks right, Dr. Mikesell polishes and bonds the crown to your tooth.

And there you have it! Your dental crown is installed in a single visit.