Porcelain Bridges

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Quick Facts

  • A bridge is an excellent way to bridge the gap of missing teeth.
  • The ideal scenario for a porcelain bridge is when a missing tooth sits next to a tooth needing a crown.
  • As with all dental procedures at Cedar Creek Dental, relaxing spa amenities are included free during your visit.

Rigby Porcelain Bridges

Some problems associated with missing teeth are:
  • Bite and jaw joint problems from teeth shifting to fill the spaces
  • Weakened chewing ability
  • The "sunken face" look associated with missing teeth.
If you are missing one or multiple teeth, there are a couple of great options. One option is dental implants, the other is a Rigby porcelain bridge. A bridge will restore tooth function and well as maintain a healthy appearance, giving you more confidence. A bridge also provides a more permanent solution than dentures.

How Do Our Rigby Porcelain Bridges Work?

To replace a missing tooth with a bridge, it actually involves three teeth; the tooth you are replacing (the pontic) and the two adjacent teeth (abutments.) The teeth will be slightly reduced to make room for the bridge. An impression will be made of your teeth. From that impression, a lab will create two crowns and a false tooth. They are constructed as one unit then bonded on the prepared teeth. A bridge may also accommodate additional missing teeth with multiple units in the bridge.

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