What Sets Us Apart from Other Dental Offices In Rigby

When it comes to getting your teeth worked on, you probably have some degree of apprehension. Some people experience dental anxiety worse than others, but in all cases, the reason is perfectly understandable. Your teeth are highly sensitive parts of your body. Underneath that hard, bony dentin lies a soft, pulpy tissue. In fact, it’s usually just referred to as “tooth pulp”. This is tissue that contains the tooth nerve, and if you’ve ever had a cavity exposed to hot, cold, or sugary foods, you know just how powerful that nerve can be.

Spa Amenities - the best dental office in rigbyIn order to help calm your nerves as you undergo any dental procedure – from a routine exam and cleaning to root canal therapy – we offer a variety of relaxing spa amenities at our dental clinic, all of which are free with your visit. These include:

  • Warm hand-wax
  • Chair massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warming blankets

Of course, we also offer conscious sedation so you can experience a deep level of relaxation as the work is being performed.

With experience in the field of dentistry since 2005, we’ve seen people with all kinds of dental anxieties. We’ve learned what certain people need to feel relaxed and at peace.

Dr. Quinn Mikesell – Spanish Speaking Dentist In Rigby (haga clic aquí, nosotros hablamos español!)

Habla Espanol - the best dental office in rigbyMany people in our community experience a language barrier that can hold them back from the information they need. When it comes to dental care, many people procrastinate. Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t understand the language your dentist was speaking. That would probably increase your odds of putting things off until the problems get worse.

Dr. Quinn Mikesell is fluent in Spanish. If you have a friend or relative who needs a fluent Spanish-speaker to give them information about their care in person, you’ve found the best dental office in Rigby for that!

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